I Yelled at My Dog and He Peed: Why Did That Happen?

By Max Turner 4 Min Read

I Yelled at My Dog and He Peed: Why Did That Happen?

Man’s best friend, the dog. They can be so loyal and loving, providing us with endless amounts of companionship, warmth, and comfort. However, in some cases, people might lash out at their furry friends, whether intentional or not. Unfortunately, some dogs may react to anger with peeing, and it’s natural to wonder why.

Understanding Canine Fear and Anxiety

Dogs have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be incredibly attuned to their owners’ behavior. This means they can pick up on the slightest hint of displeasure or irritation. As a result, it’s natural for them to fear or become anxious when they feel threatened. If a dog feels its owner’s behavior is aggressive or punishing in nature, it may show physical signs of fear like cowering, shaking, or excessive panting.

How Yelling Affects Dogs

When we yell at our dogs, it’s distressing for them to endure, and often communicates to them that their owner is angry. Dogs don’t necessarily understand what we’re saying, but they sense our emotion from intonation and facial cues, so it’s important to maintain a calm and controlled demeanor when addressing our furry friends.

If a dog is not used to yelling and sudden loud noises, they will panic and often release urine. It’s a sign of submission and fear that they associate with danger, and it’s typically an involuntary, instinctive response. Unfortunately, when a dog pees due to fear, it reinforces the fear response in the future because a dog won’t understand why their owner is punishing them by yelling.

Managing Fear and Anxiety in Dogs

Although it may be hard, the best way to manage fear and anxiety in our dogs is to remain completely calm and patient with them. Letting them know with our body language and energy that we love and trust them, can be enormously beneficial to maintaining a healthy, trusting relationship.

Furthermore, if a dog is frightened because of certain noises and environments, it’s important to slowly and positively introduce them to these situations, as well as give positive reinforcement when they stay calm in the face of fear-inducing stimuli. If a dog has mild fear issues, there are also medications available that can help improve their wellbeing and provide some measure of relief.


Most of us get frustrated when our furry friends don’t obey our commands, and yelling can be a natural reaction in these situations. But unfortunately, it only serves to feed a dog’s fear and anxiety, and can quickly become a compounding problem. It’s important that we remain cognizant of our dog’s emotional state and take the necessary steps to ensure their well-being. With patience and understanding, we can help our pups to manage their fears and enjoy a trusting and loving relationship for years to come.

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