How to Keep a Dog from Escaping the Yard: 21 Tips & Tricks!

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How to Keep a Dog from Escaping the Yard: 21 Tips & Tricks!

Letting your dog out in the yard to run around can be a great way to give them some exercise and to get some fresh air. It can also make your home feel homier, but occasionally you may experience a hitch in your outdoor fun. Dogs, being the curious creatures that they are, can make attempts to escape the confines of the yard every now and then. That’s why it’s important to know how to keep a dog from escaping the yard – both for their safety and peace of mind.

This article will give you a few tips and tricks on how to keep your pup in the yard and safe from potential danger. With the right combination of training and deterrents, keeping your dog from getting out of the yard can be a breeze.

Understanding the Reasons Why Dogs Escape Yards

When dogs attempt to escape the yard, it’s important to understand why they’re doing it before trying to fix the issue. After all, it’s not really feasible to stop bad behavior if you don’t know what’s causing it.

  • Curiosity: Dogs are naturally curious creatures. They may attempt to escape the yard simply to explore what’s beyond the fence out of curiosity.
  • Boredom: When dogs are isolated for hours on end with nothing to keep them occupied, boredom can lead to some destructive behavior. Boredom-induced escaping can be easily solved with the addition of more interactive or physical toys that require energy to play with.
  • Illness or Stress: Unexpected illness or stress can be a factor in why dogs attempt to escape their yards. When dogs are feeling under the weather or in a stressed state, they may make attempts to flee in search of a quieter, calmer environment. If your pup is exhibiting such behavior, then you should take them to the vet to make sure they’re physically healthy.

How to Keep a Dog from Escaping the Yard – 21 Tips & Tricks

Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that owners can use to keep their pup from escaping the yard.

  • Install a High-Quality Fence: When it comes to keeping your pup contained, a high-quality fence is the most important aspect. Make sure the fence is sturdy and able to withstand digging, jumping, and any other attempts from your pet to escape. If your budget allows, try investing in fences made from metallic or solid materials like vinyl or wood for added durability.
  • Check for Weak Points: Fences may look sturdy but they may have weak points that can be taken advantage of by your pup. Check all around the fence and make sure that there are no holes or broken areas that your dog can use to get out.
  • Plant Trees and Bushes: Planting trees and shrubs around the fence can help make the fence more difficult to climb. Try planting thorny bushes to make sure that your pup won’t be able to breach the fence.
  • Trimming Foliage: Trimming any overgrown foliage in and around the yard can help make it easier for you to spot any potential escape points. Make sure to check regularly for any branches that are too close to the fence that your pup may be able to use to climb out.
  • Make the Fence Visible: You can also make the fence more visible by putting up reflective tape or flags around the perimeter. This can act as a deterrent for your pup who may think twice about going past this boundary.
  • Block Any Holes: Check the fence periodically and block any holes that your pup may be able to use. If a mix of dirt and cement is used, the holes should be too difficult to dig through.
  • Train Your Dog: Training your dog to stay within the perimeter of the fence is the most effective way to keep them in the yard. Establish positive reinforcement training by giving treats whenever they obey the rules and staying in the yard.
  • Supervise Outings: Whenever you let your pup into the yard, be sure to watch them and try to spot any potential escape attempts. After all, catching them in the act of escape can be easier than stopping them once they’ve already left the yard.
  • Provide Mental Stimulation: Give your pup something to do when they’re in the yard in order to keep them occupied. Interactive toys and mentally stimulating toys like Kongs can be a great way to keep them engaged – plus, these can help prevent boredom-induced escapes.
  • Teach “Come Here”: Teach your pup the command “Come here” and make sure they obey it every time you call them. With enough practice, your pup will learn that they always have to come back to you when they’re called.
  • Keep the Yard Clean: A dirty, untidy yard can be more inviting to your pup’s escape plans. Clean the yard regularly and remove any furniture or items they may be able to use to help them escape.
  • Block the View: Blocking the view of anything outside the yard can help reduce curiosity or the desire to escape. Keeping curtains or shade cloths on the outside of the fence can serve as an effective deterrent by keeping your pup from seeing anything outside the fence.
  • Introduce Physical Barriers: Adding physical barriers to the fence can help keep your pup in the yard. Something as simple as chicken wire can keep them from digging out while planting thorny bushes can also keep your pup from jumping the fence.
  • Use Repellents: Using repellents around the perimeter of the fence can help keep your pup from making attempts to escape. Sprinkle a vinegar or pepper solution around the fences to keep your pup from going near the fences.
  • Install a Fence Topper: A fence topper or an overhang of wire mesh can help make the fence walk-proof. This can be a great way to keep your pup from simply climbing out of the yard.
  • Maintain Quality Lighting: Installing quality lighting around the perimeter of the fence can help spot your pup in the dark. Being able to see their movements in the evening can help you keep tabs on them and spot any escape attempts.
  • Use Dog Caves: Consider investing in a dog cave or a doghouse and make sure they have enough space to lay and rest in the shade. Having a comfortable retreat can help keep them relaxed, as they will be less likely to try escaping the yard.
  • Install a Pup Cam: Technology can be your best friend when it comes to keeping your pup safely in the yard. Install a pet-friendly camera and keep an eye on your pup and their whereabouts at all times.
  • Make Playtime Count: Make the most out of playtime and provide activities that can help tire your pup out. Games like catch or fetch can help tire out your pup, and this can help reduce any escape attempts.
  • Enable GPS Tracker: Invest in a good GPS tracker and attach it to your pup’s collar. This can help provide an extra layer of security in the case that your pup decides to make a break for it.
  • Wear a Muzzle: In extreme cases, you can also equip your pup with a muzzle when they’re outside. This will help prevent them from physically breaching the fence. Just make sure you’re still looking out for them, as a muzzle does not always completely keep them from making attempts to get out.


Keeping your pup safely in the yard can be challenging but with the right tools and strategies, you can keep your pup safe. Just remember to keep an eye on them and to be consistent with training and deterrents in order to keep them in the yard.

To summerize, here are the best tips and tricks to keep your pup safely in the yard:

  • Install a high-quality fence and check for weak points.
  • Plant trees and bushes and trim any
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