Can Dogs Be Racist? (Asking for a Friend…)

By Max Turner 5 Min Read

Can Dogs Be Racist? (Asking for a Friend…)

If you’ve ever wondered whether dogs can be racist, you’re not alone. In recent years, a growing debate has sprung up around this question, with many seeking to answer the question.

Dogs, like humans, are capable of recognizing different races. Humans are able to distinguish between races based on physical observances, whereas dogs aren’t just limited to physical differences. Dogs can also recognize distinctions in familiar versus unfamiliar scents.

Do Dogs Have Prejudices?

The short answer is “no”. Dogs don’t have the capacity to form prejudicial opinions based on race. Dogs don’t possess the same understanding of racial prejudice that humans do.

That being said, dogs are capable of exhibiting what might appear to be prejudicial behaviour. For example, if a dog doesn’t seem to like another race, this can be an indication of something else entirely.

Are There Reasons Why a Dog Might Not Seem to Too Friendly With a Particular Race?

Recent studies have suggested that there are multiple reasons why a dog might not seem to be too friendly with a particular race.

1. Experience: Dogs learn from experience. If a dog has encountered someone of a particular race and had a negative experience, they might be wary around similar people.

2. Lack of Socialization: If a dog isn’t exposed to a variety of people early in life, they’ll lack the necessary socialization to interact in a neutral manner. This can make them fearful or aggressive towards certain people.

3. Stress: Dogs are adept at picking up on our stress, and can react by becoming fearful or aggressive. If an owner is uncomfortable around certain people due to their race, their stress can transfer to the dog.

4. Genetic Predisposition: Some dog breeds may have a genetic predisposition for certain behaviours, such as aggression or fear. This, combined with the other factors listed here, can lead to a dog displaying specific types of behaviour towards certain races.

How Can We Help Dogs Overcome Prejudice?

If you think that your dog is exhibiting prejudicial behaviour towards a certain race, there are several steps you can take to help them overcome this.

1. Socialization: One of the best ways to help your dog overcome their fear is to expose them to a variety of people, and showing them that people of all races can be kind, safe, and loving.

2. Seek Professional Help: If your dog’s behaviour is particularly concerning, seeking professional help can be a great way to safely address the issue. A qualified trainer will be able to help you identify the problem and create a tailored plan to help your dog overcome their fear.

3. Positive Reinforcement: Creating positive experiences with people of different races can help your dog overcome their fear or aggression. For example, you can feed them treats for good behaviour, or provide additional rewards for interacting with people of different races.

4. Reporting: If you are concerned that your dog’s behaviour is becoming a problem, you can report it to the relevant authorities. They may be able to provide further assistance in resolving the issue.


Ultimately, dogs are capable of recognizing physical and environmental differences between races. However, they don’t possess the same understanding of racism that humans do.

If your dog is exhibiting prejudicial behaviour, it is important to identify the underlying causes and take steps to address them. Through socialization, positive reinforcement, and professional help, you can help your dog overcome their fear and create a more harmonious interaction with people of different races.

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