Best Dogs For Kids And Families

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Best Dogs for Kids and Families

In the vast realm of canines, certain breeds stand out as the most suitable companions for children and families alike. Like shining beacons amidst the sea of options, these dogs possess unique traits that make them exceptional choices. From the gentle and loyal Labrador Retriever to the playful and affectionate Golden Retriever, each breed offers its own blend of qualities that harmonize effortlessly with family dynamics. In this article, we will explore a curated list of nine dog breeds deemed ideal for kids and families based on their temperament, adaptability, and compatibility.

Key Takeaways

  • Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Beagle, and Bulldog are some of the best dog breeds for kids and families.
  • Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Australian Shepherd, and Vizsla are active and energetic breeds suitable for active families.
  • Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, and Australian Shepherd are intelligent and trainable breeds that are great for families.
  • Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Shih Tzu are gentle and patient dogs suitable for families with young children.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a popular choice for families and children due to its friendly temperament and ability to get along well with other pets. This breed is known for being loving, loyal, and patient, making them an ideal companion for kids of all ages. Labradors are also highly adaptable when it comes to training methods, as they are intelligent and eager to please their owners. Whether you prefer positive reinforcement or more structured training techniques, Labradors can excel in various types of training programs.

In terms of grooming requirements, Labradors have a short coat that is easy to maintain. Regular brushing helps keep their fur clean and free from mats or tangles. Their double coat provides insulation during both warm and cold weather conditions, making them suitable for various climates.

However, it’s important to note that Labradors are active dogs that require regular exercise to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. Daily walks or playtime in a secure yard will help keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Overall, the Labrador Retriever is an excellent choice for families looking for a dog that is not only friendly but also easy to train and groom. Their adaptable nature makes them suitable for households with different training preferences while their low-maintenance coat ensures minimal grooming needs.

Golden Retriever

Renowned for their friendly and gentle nature, the Golden Retriever is often considered an excellent choice for households with children. They are one of the best family dog breeds due to their patient and tolerant attitude towards kids. With their playful demeanor, they make great companions for children, always ready to engage in games and activities.

Golden Retrievers are known for their intelligence and eagerness to please, which makes them highly trainable. They excel in obedience training and can quickly learn commands with positive reinforcement techniques. However, it’s important to start training early on as they have a tendency to develop bad habits if not properly guided.

When it comes to exercise needs, Golden Retrievers require regular physical activity to keep them mentally stimulated and prevent boredom. Daily walks, runs or play sessions are essential for maintaining their overall well-being.

In addition to being wonderful family pets, Golden Retrievers also have a reputation as therapy dogs due to their calm temperament and ability to comfort people in need. Their gentle nature makes them suitable for households with elderly or disabled individuals as well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a loving and loyal companion that will fit seamlessly into your family dynamic, the Golden Retriever is an ideal choice. With proper training and socialization, this breed will undoubtedly bring joy and happiness into your home for many years to come.


Admired for their keen sense of smell and determination, Beagles are often selected as hunting dogs due to their exceptional tracking abilities. With their short legs and long ears, they have a distinct appearance that many find endearing. Beagles are known for their friendly and sociable nature, making them great companions for families with children.

When it comes to training techniques, it is important to keep in mind that Beagles can be quite stubborn at times. They have an independent streak and may require patient and consistent training methods. Positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats or praise, tend to work best with these intelligent dogs.

In terms of health and grooming, Beagles are generally healthy dogs but they are prone to certain conditions such as hip dysplasia and obesity. Regular exercise is essential to keep them fit and prevent weight gain. Their short coat is relatively low-maintenance but regular brushing will help keep it clean and free from tangles.

Overall, Beagles make excellent family pets due to their friendly nature and loyalty. However, potential owners should be prepared to invest time in training and providing adequate exercise for these active dogs. With the right care and attention, a Beagle can bring joy and laughter into any home.


Bulldogs are known for their distinctive wrinkled face and muscular build. They belong to the bulldog breed, which includes various types such as the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, and French Bulldog. Bulldogs have several characteristics that make them suitable for families with children. They are generally gentle, patient, and affectionate dogs. Their calm temperament makes them great companions for kids of all ages.

When it comes to care, Bulldogs require regular grooming to keep their coat clean and free from shedding. They have a short coat that is easy to maintain. Training is also important for Bulldogs as they can be stubborn at times. Consistent training techniques should be used to ensure obedience and good behavior.

In terms of health, Bulldogs are prone to certain conditions such as hip dysplasia, respiratory issues, and skin infections due to their facial wrinkles. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining their weight and overall health.

Contrary to popular myths, Bulldogs are not aggressive dogs but rather friendly and sociable pets. They can get along well with other animals if properly introduced.

If you’re considering owning a Bulldog, it’s important to find reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs. Additionally, adopting a rescue or shelter dog is also a great option.

In conclusion, Bulldogs make excellent family pets due to their gentle nature and affectionate personality. With proper care and training, they can thrive in any household setting.


Poodles, a breed known for their intelligence and elegant appearance, come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. They are highly trainable dogs that excel in various dog sports such as obedience, agility, and tracking. Poodles have a unique coat that requires regular grooming to maintain its quality and prevent matting. Their hypoallergenic qualities make them an excellent choice for families with allergies.

Here are four fun facts about poodles:

  1. Famous performers: Poodles have been popular among circus performers for centuries due to their high level of intelligence and trainability. These dogs can easily learn tricks and entertain audiences with their impressive skills.

  2. Fashion icons: Poodles are often associated with lavish hairstyles seen in dog shows. Their curly fur allows for creative grooming styles that range from simple puppy clips to elaborate patterns like the continental or English saddle cuts.

  3. Water retrievers: Despite their fancy appearance, poodles were originally bred as water retrievers in Germany. They have webbed feet which enable them to swim effortlessly and retrieve game from the water.

  4. Versatile companions: Whether you’re looking for a jogging partner or a lapdog, poodles can adapt to various lifestyles. Standard poodles are energetic and athletic, miniature poodles are playful yet adaptable, while toy poodles thrive in smaller living spaces.

In conclusion, poodles make wonderful family pets due to their intelligence, elegant looks, hypoallergenic qualities, and versatility in both physical activities and living arrangements. Proper grooming is essential to keep their coats healthy and free of mats. So if you’re searching for a smart and stylish addition to your family who won’t trigger allergies or require excessive exercise, consider welcoming a poodle into your home!


Boxers, often referred to as the "clowns of the dog world," are one of the best family dogs you can find. Known for their playful and energetic nature, boxers are a perfect match for kids and families who desire an active companion. These medium-sized dogs have a strong yet gentle personality that makes them excellent with children. With their sturdy built and protective instinct, they can easily handle rough play without becoming aggressive.

The boxer breed is characterized by its muscular physique, square-shaped head, and expressive eyes. They are highly intelligent dogs that can be easily trained, making them an ideal choice for families looking for a trainable pet. Boxers are known to be loyal and protective towards their loved ones, which adds an extra layer of security to any household.

In terms of temperament, boxers are friendly, patient, and outgoing. Their natural curiosity drives them to explore new environments and interact with people around them. However, it’s important to note that due to their high energy levels, boxers require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Overall, if you’re searching for a family dog that will bring joy and laughter into your home while ensuring the safety of your loved ones, look no further than a boxer.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known for its affectionate and gentle temperament, making it an excellent choice for families with children. This breed is great with kids and other animals, displaying a friendly and patient attitude towards them. Additionally, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is adaptable to different lifestyles, whether living in an apartment or a house with a yard.

Affectionate and Gentle Temperament

Labradors are known for their affectionate and gentle temperament, making them a great choice for families with children. They have been recognized as emotional support animals and therapy dogs due to their ability to provide comfort and companionship. Labradors are ideal for households with young children because they are patient and tolerant, often forming strong bonds with kids. Their gentle nature allows them to interact well with other pets in the household, creating a harmonious environment. Additionally, Labradors excel in obedience training, making them easy to handle in various situations. Their playful and energetic nature brings joy to the family, ensuring that there is never a dull moment when these lovable canines are around.

Great with Kids and Other Animals

When it comes to interacting with children and other animals, Labradors are known for their gentle temperament and ability to form strong bonds. This makes them a great choice for families looking for a dog that is good with kids and other pets. There are several benefits to raising a dog with children. Dogs can teach kids about responsibility, empathy, and patience. They provide companionship and can help reduce stress in the household. When introducing a new dog to a household with kids and other pets, it is important to take things slow. Allow time for everyone to get acquainted and establish boundaries. Supervision is key during the initial stages of introduction, ensuring the safety of all parties involved. Providing positive reinforcement and rewards can help create positive associations between the new dog, children, and other animals in the family.

Adaptable to Different Lifestyles

Versatile in nature, Labradors display an adaptable temperament that suits various lifestyles. They are well-known for their ability to adapt to different living situations, including apartment living. Labradors are not only highly sociable but also have a moderate energy level, making them suitable for busy families with limited time for exercise. Despite their larger size, they can thrive in smaller spaces as long as they receive sufficient mental and physical stimulation.

Discussion ideas:

  • Adapting to apartment living: Labradors have a calm and easygoing nature that makes them well-suited for apartment living. They are generally not overly active indoors and can adjust well to limited space.
  • Suitable for busy families with limited time for exercise: Labradors require regular exercise, but they are also content with shorter walks or play sessions when necessary. Their adaptable nature allows them to fit into the schedules of busy families without sacrificing their happiness or well-being.

So, whether you live in an apartment or have a hectic lifestyle, Labradors can easily adapt and become a wonderful addition to your family.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is known for being an intelligent and energetic breed, making them an excellent choice for active families. Their high energy levels and intelligence make them highly trainable and versatile, allowing them to excel in a variety of activities such as agility, obedience, and herding. This breed thrives when given plenty of mental and physical stimulation, which makes them a great fit for families who enjoy outdoor activities or have the time to engage in regular exercise with their dog.

Intelligent and Energetic Breed

Intelligent and energetic breeds are highly recommended for families with children. These types of dogs possess the mental capacity to understand and respond to commands, making them trainable and ideal companions for kids. Additionally, their high energy levels ensure that they can keep up with active youngsters, providing endless hours of playtime and exercise. To further emphasize their suitability for families, consider the following traits:

  • Australian Shepherds: Known for their intelligence and problem-solving skills.
  • Border Collies: Renowned as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.
  • Golden Retrievers: Energetic and eager to please, making them great family pets.
  • Labrador Retrievers: Intelligent, friendly, and easily trained.

To meet the training and exercise requirements of these intelligent and energetic breeds, consistent training sessions should be combined with regular physical activities such as walks or playtime in a fenced yard. This will help channel their energy positively while ensuring a harmonious relationship within the family.

Excellent with Active Families

Highly active families will find these breeds to be excellent companions, as they possess the energy levels required to keep up with their active lifestyle. When it comes to adapting to city life, these dogs excel due to their adaptability and resilience. They can easily adjust to living in apartments or smaller homes, provided they receive enough exercise and mental stimulation. These breeds are also great for outdoor activities with kids. Their high energy levels make them perfect playmates for children who enjoy running around, playing fetch, or engaging in other physical activities. Additionally, these dogs have a natural instinct for protecting and watching over their family members, making them reliable and trustworthy companions for parents seeking both fun and safety for their children.

Highly Trainable and Versatile

Adaptable breeds that possess a high level of trainability and versatility are ideal for individuals seeking dogs that can easily learn new tasks and perform a variety of roles. Highly trainable dogs not only excel in obedience training, but they also have the potential to participate in various dog sports such as agility, flyball, or even search and rescue operations. These versatile breeds are known for their ability to adapt to different environments and lifestyles, making them suitable companions for families with children.

1) Border Collie: This breed is renowned for its intelligence and eagerness to please. Their exceptional problem-solving skills allow them to quickly grasp new commands and tasks.
2) Golden Retriever: With their friendly nature and desire to please their owners, Golden Retrievers are highly trainable. They excel in activities such as obedience training, therapy work, or even assisting individuals with disabilities.
3) Australian Shepherd: Known for their versatility, Australian Shepherds thrive on mental stimulation. They are quick learners who excel in obedience training as well as dog sports like herding trials or agility competitions.

These highly trainable and versatile breeds provide endless opportunities for families looking for intelligent, adaptable dogs capable of performing various roles with ease.

Bichon Frise

Sociable and gentle, the Bichon Frise breed is a suitable choice for families with children due to its friendly and playful nature. This small, white-haired dog is known for being affectionate and getting along well with kids. While they may be small in size, Bichon Frises have big personalities that make them great companions for children.

One of the unique characteristics of the Bichon Frise is its curly, hypoallergenic coat. Grooming this breed requires regular maintenance to prevent matting and keep their fur looking fluffy and healthy. Brushing their coat several times a week and scheduling professional grooming sessions every few months can help maintain their appearance.

Training a Bichon Frise can be both rewarding and challenging. These dogs are intelligent but can have a stubborn streak at times. Positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats and praise, work best when training them. Consistency is key to overcoming any challenges that may arise during the training process.

Overall, the Bichon Frise is an excellent choice for families with children who are looking for a sociable, playful, and low-shedding companion. With proper grooming and training techniques, this breed can bring joy to any household while providing endless entertainment for both kids and adults alike.

Grooming requirements Training techniques
Regular brushing Use positive reinforcement methods
Professional grooming sessions Be consistent in training
Prevent matting Patience when dealing with stubbornness


The Vizsla, a medium-sized breed of dog with a short coat, is known for its distinctive golden rust coloration and sleek build. This breed is highly active and requires regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. With their strong hunting instincts, Vizslas excel in various activities that involve physical exertion such as agility training, running, and swimming. They have boundless energy and love to be involved in any type of physical activity.

The Vizsla’s hunting abilities are also worth noting. Originally bred as versatile hunting dogs, they have an exceptional sense of smell and excellent tracking skills. Their keen nose allows them to locate game quickly and efficiently. They are particularly skilled at pointing out the location of birds or small game animals while remaining still until commanded by their owner.

In addition to their athleticism and hunting prowess, the Vizsla is known for its friendly nature towards children and families. They are affectionate, gentle, and patient with kids, making them an ideal choice for families with young children. However, due to their high energy levels, it’s important that they receive plenty of exercise to prevent boredom or destructive behavior.

Overall, the Vizsla is a wonderful choice for active families who can provide them with ample exercise opportunities and engage in activities that tap into their natural hunting instincts.


The Collie is a gentle and intelligent breed known for its exceptional qualities. They are excellent with children and other pets, making them an ideal choice for families. In addition to this, Collies are also loyal and protective of their family, which adds to their appeal as a companion animal.

Gentle and Intelligent Breed

Intelligent and gentle breeds are highly suitable for families with children. These breeds possess a combination of traits that make them ideal companions for kids. Their intelligence allows them to quickly learn and adapt, making training easier and more effective. This not only ensures the safety of the children but also fosters a strong bond between the dog and the family. Additionally, their gentle nature makes them patient and tolerant, even in challenging situations. They are less likely to display aggressive behavior towards children or other pets, creating a harmonious environment at home. To highlight these qualities further, consider the following table:

Breed Intelligence Level Gentle Temperament
Golden Retriever High Yes
Labrador Retriever High Yes
Beagle Medium Yes
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Medium Yes
Boxer Low No

Choosing an intelligent and gentle breed can ensure both joyous moments and a safe environment for your family.

Excellent with Children and Other Pets

Breed selection plays a crucial role in ensuring compatibility and harmony between canines, children, and other pets. When it comes to choosing a dog that is excellent with children and other pets, there are several breeds that make excellent family companions. These breeds have a natural affinity for children and are known for their gentle and patient nature. Golden Retrievers are often considered one of the best choices for families with kids due to their friendly disposition and love for human companionship. Labrador Retrievers are also great options as they are known for being playful, friendly, and adaptable. Other breeds such as Beagles, Boxers, and Bulldogs also make wonderful family dogs as they tend to be sociable, affectionate, and tolerant towards both children and other pets. It is important to consider these breeds when looking for the perfect addition to your multi-pet household.

Loyal and Protective of Family

When considering a dog for a family, it is important to choose a breed that exhibits loyalty and protective instincts towards its owners. These loyal and protective dogs not only provide a sense of security but also form strong bonds with their human families. Here are four best breeds known for their loyalty and protectiveness:

  1. German Shepherd: Known for their intelligence, courage, and loyalty, German Shepherds make excellent family pets. They are naturally protective of their loved ones.

  2. Boxer: With their energetic and playful nature, Boxers are great companions for kids. They have a strong instinct to protect their family members and will go to great lengths to keep them safe.

  3. Rottweiler: Despite their intimidating appearance, Rottweilers are incredibly loyal and affectionate towards their families. They have a natural protective instinct that makes them ideal guardians.

  4. Golden Retriever: Known for being friendly, gentle, and tolerant, Golden Retrievers make fantastic family pets. While they may not be as naturally protective as some other breeds, they will still fiercely defend their loved ones if the need arises.

Choosing one of these loyal and protective breeds can ensure that your family has a devoted companion who will always put your safety first.


The Newfoundland is known for its gentle and patient temperament, making it an excellent choice for families with children. This breed is highly tolerant and patient, often referred to as a "gentle giant." Additionally, Newfoundlands are known to be excellent with kids and other animals, fostering a harmonious environment within the family. Lastly, they have a strong protective instinct, making them reliable guardians for their loved ones.

Gentle and Patient Temperament

Gentle and patient temperaments are highly desirable traits in dogs for families with young children. These qualities ensure that the dog will interact well with kids, even in chaotic situations. To cultivate these traits, temperament training and socialization techniques are essential. Temperament training involves teaching the dog to remain calm and composed in various situations, while socialization exposes them to different people, animals, and environments from a young age. By incorporating these practices into their upbringing, dogs develop a patient and gentle demeanor towards children.

When selecting a family dog, it is important to consider breeds known for their gentle and patient temperaments. The Newfoundland breed is often recommended due to its natural inclination towards being good-natured and tolerant. These dogs have a reputation for being excellent companions to children of all ages. Their large size may seem intimidating at first glance, but they are incredibly gentle giants who enjoy the company of kids.

In conclusion, families seeking a dog that will be compatible with young children should prioritize finding one with a gentle and patient temperament. By implementing temperament training and socialization techniques early on, parents can ensure that their chosen breed develops these desirable qualities necessary for harmonious interactions with kids.

Excellent with Kids and Other Animals

An important aspect to consider when choosing a dog for a family is its ability to interact well with children and other animals. Dogs that are excellent with kids and other animals typically have an affectionate and gentle temperament, making them ideal companions for families with young children. These dogs are known for their adaptability to different lifestyles, whether it be living in a bustling city or in a rural countryside. They have the patience to tolerate the energetic play of children and can easily adjust their behavior accordingly. Additionally, they tend to get along well with other pets in the household, creating a harmonious environment. The affectionate nature of these dogs also makes them great therapy animals for individuals with special needs or those who require emotional support.

Strong and Protective Guardian

Moving on to our next subtopic, we will discuss the strong and protective nature of certain dog breeds when it comes to being a family guardian. These breeds not only excel in providing love and companionship but also offer a sense of security for your loved ones.

When considering a strong protection dog for your family, keep in mind these five key characteristics:

  • Fearlessness: A good family guardian is fearless and will not hesitate to protect their loved ones.
  • Loyalty: These dogs are fiercely loyal and will go to great lengths to defend their family members.
  • Intelligence: They possess high levels of intelligence, enabling them to make quick decisions in challenging situations.
  • Alertness: Being highly alert allows them to detect potential threats even before they arise.
  • Trainability: Their willingness to be trained makes them easy to teach commands and ensures better control.

By selecting a strong protector breed, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe under their watchful eye.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu breed is known for its affectionate and playful nature, making them an excellent choice for families with children. These dogs are generally good with children and other pets, displaying a friendly and patient demeanor. Additionally, their low-shedding coat requires minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer a clean and tidy home environment.

Affectionate and Playful Nature

One can observe that dogs with an affectionate and playful nature are highly desirable for families with children. These traits not only ensure a fun and active companionship but also promote positive interactions between the dog and the child. When it comes to choosing the best breeds for families with children, it is important to consider their temperament. Affectionate and playful dogs, such as the Shih Tzu, are known for their love of human company and their ability to provide endless entertainment. They thrive in family environments where they can receive attention and engage in playtime activities. Their friendly disposition allows them to form strong bonds with children, making them ideal pets for families seeking a loving and joyful addition to their household.

Good with Children and Other Pets

When considering a dog breed for a household with children and other pets, it is important to evaluate their compatibility and ability to get along well with both young ones and other animals. Some dog breeds are known for being good with children and other pets due to their affectionate nature and playful demeanor. These breeds can make great additions to families, providing companionship and entertainment for everyone involved.

In terms of apartment living, smaller dog breeds tend to be more suitable as they require less space to roam around. Breeds such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Beagles are known for adapting well to apartment living while still maintaining their energetic nature. Additionally, these breeds are generally easy to train, making them ideal choices for households with children who may want to participate in the training process.

Overall, when choosing a dog breed for a family with kids and other pets, it is important to consider factors such as compatibility, adaptability to apartment living, and ease of training. By selecting a breed that excels in these areas, families can ensure a harmonious coexistence among all members of the household.

Low-shedding Coat for Easy Maintenance

When it comes to finding the perfect four-legged companion for your family, a dog with a low-shedding coat can be a game-changer. Not only will it save you from constantly vacuuming up fur, but it can also be a great choice for individuals with allergies. Low-shedding breeds such as poodles, bichon frises, and schnauzers are known for their hypoallergenic qualities, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. However, it’s important to note that low-shedding doesn’t mean no shedding at all. These dogs still require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and mat-free. Grooming tips for low-shedding dogs include frequent brushing to remove loose hair and prevent tangles, regular bathing using mild shampoos designed for sensitive skin, and trimming their hair to maintain a manageable length. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your low-shedding furry friend remains happy and healthy while keeping your home clean and allergen-free.

Pros Cons
Hypoallergenic qualities Regular grooming required
Ideal for allergy sufferers Professional grooming may be necessary
Less shedding means less cleanup Some breeds may have higher grooming needs than others

Table: Pros and cons of owning a low-shedding dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Labrador Retrievers good with children and other pets?

Labrador retrievers are known to be good with children and other pets. They have a friendly and gentle nature, making them excellent companions for families. Their patient temperament ensures children’s safety, while their sociability allows for harmonious interactions with other animals.

Are Golden Retrievers prone to any specific health issues?

Golden retrievers are prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, cancer, and heart conditions. Bulldogs, on the other hand, are more likely to experience separation anxiety.

Do Beagles require a lot of exercise and outdoor space?

Beagles are an active breed that require regular exercise to prevent behavioral problems. They have moderate exercise needs and can adapt well to both indoor and outdoor living spaces, as long as they receive enough physical activity.

How do Bulldogs handle being left alone for long periods of time?

Bulldogs are known to experience separation anxiety and may struggle with being left alone for long periods. Crate training can help alleviate this issue by providing them with a safe and secure space.

Can Poodles be easily trained and are they good for families with allergies?

Poodles can be easily trained using positive reinforcement techniques. They are considered hypoallergenic and suitable for families with allergies, as they have hair instead of fur, which reduces the amount of allergens.


The Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Bulldog, Poodle, Vizsla, Collie, Newfoundland, and Shih Tzu have been identified as some of the best dog breeds for kids and families. These breeds possess a combination of temperament traits such as friendliness, patience, and adaptability that make them suitable companions for children. Their loyalty and gentle nature ensure a safe environment for kids to grow up in. Additionally, their trainability and intelligence allow for effective obedience training. Consequently, these dogs make excellent additions to any family looking for a loyal and loving pet.

Conclusion: With their friendly disposition and gentle nature, these dog breeds are ideal companions and playmates for children. They offer unwavering loyalty and create a safe environment where kids can thrive. So why not consider bringing one of these amazing furry friends into your family? After all, they say a dog is man’s best friend – but in this case – they can also be a child’s best friend too!

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