7 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps Pressed Against You

By Max Turner 4 Min Read

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps Pressed Against You

Are you wondering why your pet pooch loves to sleep pressed up against you? Well, here are some reasons why they might be cuddling their favorite human during the night.

1. Comfort and Safety

The most common reason why your pup might be snuggling up to you is that it provides them a sense of physical comfort and safety. When your pup is sleeping against you, they have a sense of security knowing that you are there. Additionally, physical contact with you is comforting to them in a way that sleeping next to you, but not against you, is not.

2. Social Bonding

Dogs are social animals and love forming bonds with those they are close to. Research has shown that the bond between the canine and its human caregiver is akin to that between a human parent and its child. To strengthen the social bond with you, your pup may prefer to sleep pressed against you.

3. Bossy Behavior

In addition to its need for comfort and safety, some pups may also sleep pressed up against you because they like to be the “boss” of the relationship. Your dog may attempt to establish itself as the “alpha” of its household. If your pup is doing this, more than likely they are very confident in their bond with you.

4. A Relationship Between Temperature Regulation and Cuddling

One of the more scientific reasons why your pup may cuddle up to you is based on the science of temperature regulation. Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans do. To stay cool, your pup may press up against yours or any other object that is cooler than its own body temperature. In fact, when the summers are especially hot, you may even see your pup sleeping pressed against your air conditioner or near a brisk fan.

5. Comfort While Sleeping

In the same way that humans may seek comfort when trying to get to sleep, your pup may also feel relaxed by being close to you. According to scientists from the University of Missouri-Columbia, dogs can become dependent on physical contact and it could even lead to “separation anxiety” when they are away from their beloved human.

6. A Sense of Security

For your pup, there is nothing more comforting than being close to its favorite human. Senior researcher Monique Udell emphasizes that “Puppies and adult dogs alike can’t always cope with being separated from their owners.” Thus, it is no wonder that they want to be physically close while they are sleeping.

7. Protection

Finally, some pups may press against you in an effort to protect you and keep you safe from danger. Although your pup may not know exactly why they are sleeping against you or understand the concept of protection, their behavior might have something to do with instinct.


Clearly, there are several reasons why your pup may sleep pressed up against you. Pets need physical comfort and safety from their owners, just like human babies do. Dogs are social animals, so the bond formed between you may be even closer because of this behavior. Additionally, temperature regulation, seeking comfort, protection, and acting as the “alpha” could also be characteristics of this behavior. So, if your pup has slept pressed against you before, now you know why!

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