15 Funny Boxer Dog Behaviors, Explained

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Why Do Boxers Sit On Other Dogs


Most dog owners have noticed funny boxer dog behaviors? Boxers are known for being good family dogs, loyal friends, and excellent companions. They’re also very funny dogs. Their goofy behavior makes them unique and endearing. So, how do boxers become such fun loving animals? What causes their strange quirks? And how often do they actually do those weird things?

I’ve been fascinated by my Boxer since I got him almost seven years ago. He’s always had some sort of odd habit, whether it was his tendency to stare off into space, bark incessantly, or drool excessively. His behavior is so out there that it’s hard to believe it’s normal.

But, it turns out that boxers’ bizarre habits aren’t just random quirks; they’re purposeful. Each one has a specific function, and each one helps contribute to the overall health of your boxer.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most common Boxer behaviors, and see what they mean.

1. Why Do Boxer Dogs Stand Over You?

Boxers are known for being aggressive dogs, but there’s one breed that stands over you – literally. A boxer dog will stand up on his hind legs and look down at you, ready to attack. This standing pose is called a common box.

The term common box refers to a specific type of behavior exhibited by some breeds of dogs, including the American pit bull terrier, Rottweiler, German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, English mastiff, and others. While it’s normal for most dogs to stand up on their hind legs while looking down at people, it’s considered a threatening display in certain breeds. It occurs because these dogs feel threatened by human beings. They see us as a threat to their territory and food supply.

While the boxer dog isn’t the only breed that displays this behavior, it’s the most well-known. Other breeds include the rottweiler, Doberman pinsch, and German shepherd.

2. Why Do Boxers Sit On Other Dogs?

Why Do Boxers Sit On Other Dogs
15 Funny Boxer Dog Behaviors, Explained 3

The first thought when a dog stands up on another dog is that the latter is being dominant. But it’s possible the behavior isn’t what it appears to be.

When you see the way a boxer goes about this, it seems more likely to be a form of play or even closeness as part of pack behavior. In fact, it’s funny. And it’s very common.

So we laugh, rewarding the behaviour with attention and increasing the chance it’ll become a regular part of his behavioural repertoire. Whether or not this behaviour is problematic depends largely on whether the other dog takes it that way.

3. Why Do Boxer Dogs Lay On Each Other?

Boxers in multi-dog homes sometimes sleep in piles. They do this because they like to feel secure and warm, and they want to avoid getting wet while sleeping. In fact, boxers tend to sleep on top of other dogs, even if those dogs don’t belong to them. Why does this happen?

The answer lies in how boxers are raised. When a puppy is born, his mother will nurse him for about three weeks. During this time, she will lick her pups’ paws and face to keep them clean. She’ll also teach them to walk around on all four legs, and eventually, she’ll let them play outside. If there are multiple litters, the mom might spend some time nursing her pups individually. But once she stops nursing them, they’re ready to go out into the world.

When a pup gets older, he starts playing with other dogs. He learns what makes them tick, and he tries to fit in. For example, if a boxer is being aggressive toward another dog, he’ll learn to calm down and act friendly. A boxer who wants to be accepted by other dogs might try to imitate their behaviors. So, when he sees another dog lying down, he might decide to lay down too.

If you’ve ever seen a group of boxers snuggling up next to each other, you know that they aren’t just laying down to relax. They’re communicating something important: “I’m here; I’m part of the family.” And since boxers tend to form packs, they’re trying to tell each other that they’re equals.

4. Why Do Boxer Dogs Sit Like Humans?

Boxers are known for being very active dogs, but they do occasionally exhibit a few behaviors that seem humanlike. One such example is the way they sit. A Boxer sitting down usually seems to be doing it because he wants something—food, water, affection, whatever. But why does he choose to sit like a human?

The answer lies in the history of the breed. In the 1800s, during the reign of Queen Victoria, the English nobility began breeding Boxers specifically for her. These dogs became popular among aristocrats and royalty. And since they had been bred to please people, they naturally learned to sit still while waiting for their masters to give them what they wanted.

Over time, many of these dogs developed a habit of sitting when they didn’t want anything. Some even sat when they weren’t hungry. This led to the Boxer’s reputation as a lazy, good-natured dog.

5. Why Do Boxer Dogs Wiggle?

Boxers are known for being very expressive animals. Their tail wagging is one of the best ways to know whether they’re happy or sad. But why do some Boxers waggle their whole bodies while others just wag their tails?

The short answer is that it depends on where the dog came from. Some breeds of dogs like the Boxer developed a habit of wagging their whole bodies when excited, especially when they’re puppies. This behavior is passed down through generations.

But there’s another reason why Boxers wag their whole bodies. A few decades ago, veterinarians began docking the Boxer’s tails. Many people believe that the practice makes the dogs look less threatening. However, studies show that the process actually causes Boxers to wag their tails less often. So even though the dogs’ tails are shorter, they still wag their whole bodies when they’re excited.

6. Why Do Boxers Do The Zoomies?

Boxers are generally very happy dogs. They love people and enjoy being around people. But there is something about the Boxer breed that makes them prone to do the zoomies. This is a term used to describe what happens when Boxers become overstimulated and start running around wildly. Sometimes it looks like they are having seizures. And yes, this is actually true.

The zooms happen because Boxers are highly energetic animals and when they are excited they tend to run around and jump up. When they do this they often lose control of themselves and act weird. For example, they might bite someone or even hurt themselves. Or they might just run into things.

But why does this happen? Why do some Boxers go crazy when they are excited? There are many theories about this. Some say that it is because they are bred to fight each other. Others think it could be because they are born with too much energy. However, most experts agree that the real reason behind the zooms is that Boxers are genetically wired to do them.

7. Why Do Boxer Dogs Lean On You?

Boxer dogs lean on people frequently because they’re social animals. They thrive on human interaction and love nothing better than getting petted and scratched behind the ears.

If you’ve ever been around a Boxer, you know how much they enjoy being patted and rubbed. However, some breeds like the Boxer tend to lean on you even more than others. Why? Because they want to communicate something important — like “I’m here for you.”

8. Why Do Boxer Dogs Lay On Their Backs?

Boxers are known for being very active dogs. They’re great runners, jumpers and climbers, and love to play fetch. So why do some of them lay on their backs?

The answer lies in what happens inside their stomachs while they sleep.

Digestion produces heat, and your Boxer may bear his underside and spread his legs out to catch some air.

Think of it as the opposite of curling up, as your Boxers do to trap warmth and retain heat when they’re cold.

When you think about how much energy a dog needs to maintain his temperature, it makes sense that he’d want to keep himself warm.

9. Why Do Boxer Dogs Talk So Much?

Boxers are known for being loud, boisterous, affectionate and loyal. But while many people think of them as happy-go-lucky pets, there are some interesting facts about boxers that most owners don’t know. For one thing, they make a lot of noise — a lot. And while they’re generally good-natured, they can sometimes be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. But why do boxers talk so much?

10. Why Do Boxer Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Scientists don’t really know why boxers (and other dogs), do this. But there are some theories.

One theory is that it could be an attempt by the dog to zero in on a certain sound. When a dog hears something he wants to investigate, his brain (like yours) uses the difference between the amount of time it takes the sound to reach the closer ear, versus the farther ear, to try to figure out where the sound came from. This helps him triangulate where the sound originated.

Another theory is that it could just be an attempt to alter the position of his ears, trying to find the best place to hear sounds coming from different directions. A third theory suggests that the head tilt might actually be used to adjust the angle of his ears, helping him better focus on specific frequencies and inflections of the sound.

A study published in 2013 looked into this question. Researchers surveyed over 300 owners about their dogs’ behavior while listening to recorded noises. They found that boxers tilted their heads more often than other breeds when they heard a recording of someone speaking. And they did this whether or not the owner was present.

11. Why Do Boxer Dogs Grind Their Teeth?

Grinding one’s teeth while sleeping is called bruxism. This behavior occurs most commonly in young adult dogs, though it does occur in older animals too. While some people think of this as a sign of stress, it actually isn’t uncommon among dogs.

The reason for this odd behavior is unknown, but there are several theories about what causes it. One theory suggests that it is caused by muscle tension in the jaw during REM sleep. Another theory says that the dog is trying to grind away something he dislikes. Still another theory states that the action helps the dog keep his jaws closed during the night.

Regardless of why it happens, it’s important to note that it’s normal and harmless. If your Boxer starts grinding his teeth, don’t worry. He probably won’t do it every night.

12. Why Do Boxer Dogs Box?

Boxing is a common characteristic of many breeds of dog, including the Boxer. When a boxer gets excited, he pokes his head into whatever he can reach, even if it’s someone else’s nose or paw. He uses his mouth too, sometimes biting or nipping at things. And he does it because he wants you to know he’s happy to see you.

That’s true of most boxers, but some do it more than others. A few boxers are known to be “paw pushers,” meaning they tend to use their paws rather than their mouths to express excitement. They might push over toys or furniture, or they might just shove their way through a crowd to make sure everyone sees them.

13. Why Do Boxer Dogs Paw At You?

Boxers are known for being sensitive animals, especially with children and babies. They are generally very gentle and loving towards people, but sometimes they can become overly excited around young children, causing them to paw at owners. This is usually because the dog gets too close to the child and wants to play with him/her, but doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

The reason why Boxers do this is because they’re trying to show affection, love and care. Their paws are soft and padded, making it easier on the owner’s skin. If you notice your Boxer doing this, don’t worry about it. Just make sure his nails are kept short and trim, and he’ll probably stop soon enough.

14. Why Do Boxer Dogs Drink So Much Water?

Boxers are notorious for drinking copiously. This is not something that occurs overnight; it takes weeks or months for a boxer dog to become accustomed to his new lifestyle. As a matter of fact, there are many boxers who drink up to four gallons of water per day. While this might seem like a lot to us mere mortals, it’s actually quite normal for a boxer to consume such quantities of water.

A boxer dog’s diet consists primarily of dry kibble. Dry kibble contains little moisture and is very low in nutritional value. When compared to raw meat diets, dry kibble diets are much lower in protein and fat. Additionally, dry kibble does not contain essential vitamins and minerals necessary for proper nutrition. Because of this, a boxer dog’s body is constantly dehydrated.

The best way to ensure that your boxer gets enough water is to provide him with a bowl filled with filtered water. However, it is important that you do not let your boxer drink too much water. A boxer can easily develop kidney problems if he drinks too much water. Also, a boxer’s kidneys cannot handle high levels of salt. Salt causes blood pressure to rise and can lead to heart disease. Therefore, it is recommended that you limit your boxer’s intake of table salt.

15. Why Do Boxer Dogs Fart So Much?

Boxers are known for being very friendly dogs. They are generally good around kids and other pets, and often make great family companions. But did you know that Boxers do fart a lot? In fact, it’s one of the most common complaints owners have about this breed.

The reason for this is because Boxers are prone to having digestive problems. These include bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, and even constipation. This is due to the fact that boxers tend to be picky eaters and may have sensitive stomachs.


In conclusion, boxers are known for their funny behaviors. They love to jump around, roll over, and generally act like crazy dogs. But beyond these odd quirks, boxers are actually pretty smart. In fact, they’re among the smartest breeds of dog. So if you want to know exactly what makes them tick, read on.

The first thing to note is that boxers are very intelligent. This means that they’re able to pick up on subtle changes in their environment. For example, if someone walks through the door, they’ll immediately begin jumping up and down. This behavior is called “bounding.” When they bound, they’re trying to tell you that they’re excited to see you.

Another interesting characteristic of boxers is that they’re extremely loyal. They’ll follow you anywhere, and they’ll never leave your side. This loyalty is often mistaken for stupidity, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Because boxers are so devoted to you, they’ll do anything to protect you. This includes protecting you from danger.

Finally, boxers are incredibly affectionate. They love to cuddle, kiss, and snuggle. This is because they were bred to be loving companions. However, they’re not overly emotional. Instead, they tend to keep their feelings bottled up inside. This helps to explain why they sometimes seem aloof.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move onto the funnier aspects of boxers. First, they love to jump. Jumping is another form of bounding. It’s used to express joy, enthusiasm, and happiness. Boxers use it to greet visitors, celebrate victories, and show appreciation.

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